As an Accredited Association Management Company, we ensure enhanced financial safeguards and reporting standards.

We encourage our clients to custom-build their own management program by selecting from our list of services below.

Comsource offers community association homeowners and board members features specific to our industry.

Homeowners served by Comsource Management have access to a number of convenient features:

✓ Make online assessment payments

✓ View real time account status 24/7

✓ Purchase resale documents and download them instantly

✓ Comsource Management’s unique online services give your association Board access to these and many other features, 24/7.

✓ Receive instant notification when new management reports are ready to view

✓ View past meeting minutes, agendas, and management reports online

✓ See real time assessment account status

✓ Send communications to homeowners via email or hard copy. The system knows who gets email and who requires postal delivery. It automatically prepares messages in the correct format!

网络捕鱼平台 ✓ Contract with preferred and approved vendors online

✓ SourceLink, our online management system allows 24/7 acccess to features that simplify financial services, administrative tasks and maintenance.

✓ Incorporate the latest software

✓ Provide financial reports to the Board by the 15th of each month for the previous month's activities

✓ Develop an annual budget

✓ In-house financial capabilities (accounts payable, accounts receivable and cash management)

✓ Payroll administration and benefits packages for association employees

✓ Monitor delinquent accounts in accordance with the Board's collection policy

✓ Collect all assessments as they become due and payable via coupon, direct deposit, directly at the management office or credit card as per the associations policy

✓ Analyze utility consumption

网络捕鱼平台 ✓ Online Services

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