网络捕鱼平台A professionally trained team will be partnered with your community to address your individual and association needs.

By employing the best practices in the industry, our highly accredited staff achieves an entirely new standard of seamless association management.

✓ Prepare standards of care for the property and recommend best practices for the long-term

✓ Oversee daily operations through an assigned property manager and/or community manager

✓ Inspect and monitor communities on a routine basis for cleanliness, mechanics, safety and repairs

✓ Integrated architectural/covenants compliance

✓ Oversee large maintenance projects including, but not limited to, pool and clubhouse renovations, common area landscaping, retaining walls, and life safety issues

✓ Incorporate sustainable building practices and green technology; Comsource is a member of the US Green Building Council and is active in supporting sustainable design

✓ Contract scope creation, negotiation, award and supervision to only contractors who are insured licensed and bonded

✓ 24-hour answering service by a live operator every day of the week

✓ Maintain 24-hour emergency service, 365 days a year

✓ Staff on a permanent and temporary basis

✓ Incorporate the latest software

✓ Provide financial reports to the board by the 15th of each month for the previous month’s activities

✓ Develop an annual budget

✓ In-house financial capabilities (accounts payable, accounts receivable and cash management)

✓ Payroll administration and benefits packages for association employees

✓ Monitor delinquent accounts in accordance with the board’s collection policy

✓ Collect all assessments as they become due and payable via coupon, direct deposit, directly at the management office or credit card as per the association’s policy

✓ Analyze utility consumption

网络捕鱼平台 ✓ Negotiate all additional sources of income for the benefit of the association

✓ Maintain owner/resident records as well as association records

✓ Develop operation manuals, personal manuals and policy resolutions

✓ Maintain owner/resident files as well as association records

✓ Develop operation manuals, personnel manuals and policy resolutions

✓ Meet with the board on a scheduled and ongoing basis as well as administer the board’s annual meeting

✓ Respond to correspondence on the association’s behalf

✓ Maintain and archive legal documents, deeds, construction plans and governing documents

✓ Participate as required in litigation or alternative settlement mechanisms

✓ Act as board liaison with the association attorney, auditor, financial advisor or other professional advisors

✓ Develop and maintain the association’s website to keep owners/residents informed

✓ Enforce the rules and regulations of the association

✓ Design review, tracking and oversight

✓ Provide any additional services which can be tailored to your association

Comsource offers community association homeowners and board members cutting-edge, web-based features specific to our industry.

Homeowners served by Comsource Management have access to a number of convenient features. Via a secure association website they may:

✓ Make online assessment payments

✓ View real time account status 24/7

✓ Easily find association rules and regulations—with just a few keystrokes

✓ Create and send maintenance request via an online form without ever picking up the phone

✓ View a calendar of upcoming association events

✓ Reserve amenities such as the pool and community room

✓ Access concierge services online to shop for proven service providers

✓ Purchase resale documents and download them instantly

Comsource Management’s unique online services give your association board access to these and many other features, 24/7.

✓ Receive instant notification when new management reports are ready to view

✓ Track current violations

✓ Produce meeting minutes during board meetings using a template format— or create the minutes off-line and upload them later

✓ View past meeting minutes, agendas, and management reports online

✓ See real time assessment account status

✓ Send communications to homeowners via email or hard copy. The system knows who gets email and who requires postal delivery. It automatically prepares messages in the correct format!

✓ Contract with preferred and approved vendors online

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